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A Neon Message From Your Environment, Stacy Dacheux

After watching Edward Snowden’s interview last night, I found myself in a state of sedated rage, and quickly started working on this. Braver than I could ever hope to be, Mr. Snowden has made a sacrifice of epic proportions, giving up everything but his life (so far) to let the people of America know that our government is committing illegal acts against us in the name of security. US Intelligence couldn’t even stop the Tsarnaev Brothers, two of the dumbest terrorists in history, so I don’t take much stock in their ability to turn our soiled rights into security. 
This idea that you have nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide is complete and utter horseshit. The Fourth Amendment protects us from unreasonable search and seizure which is exactly what this is. I certainly don’t want decades of e-mails, phone records, texts, etc to come back and haunt me later in life. The government has no right to gain that sort of leverage over it’s people. We’re on a slippery slope here, and I really hope that the people of America, right, left, and middle can cut through the bullshit and bickering and come together and fight this head on.